Pedagogy Of English Books For B.ED, D.El.Ed

Pedagogy Of English Books

Pedagogy Of English

Pedagogy Of English This book intends to develop in trainee teachers the art of teaching English in Indian educational set up. They need to understand that learning a foreign language has benefits much beyond just learning the language.Young children are incredibly fast language learners and this quality can be easily utilised while teaching English language. Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning.

  • Book Title – Pedagogy Of English
  • Book Author – Hena Siddiqui
  • Book Print Year – 2017
  • Seller SKU – EDG54
  • Books ISBN – 9789382355410
  • Book Size/Dimension – 6.25*9.75 inch
  • Books Publisher – Agrawal Publication
  • Books Language – English


What is Aadhaar Card ? Check E Aadhaar Card Status & Download

What is Aadhaar Card ? How To Check Status Online 

Whenever we fill out any form, then in that form, we are asked about our PAN card, driving license, voter card etc. as our identity proof. Whether it is to create your account in the form bank, to buy a new sim card, to fill a competitive examination form or book a ticket online railway, in all such forms, we are asked for some id. . It means that all of us have to have one of these to be Id proof then only then we will fill any form, so that our necessary work will be completed or not. Even when we have to take a room in the hotel, we are also asked for our Id proof.

Aadhaar card

In the Pan card, the driving license and the voter card, the name of a person and his house address is given, due to which all these cards are treated as an Id proof. Apart from all these cards there is also a card that you can use while filling any form and assuming that you are leaving someone else from your work, leave all the cards and carry this card with you. You can work at a difficult time. And that card is Aadhar Card  So let’s go to friends today What is Aadhaar Card.

Aadhaar Card Is a unique identification number which has been launched by the Government of India for a new scheme for the Indian people, who will give their identity to every person living in India. To make this scheme a success, it has been entrusted to the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) whose work is to handle Aadhaar numbers and Aadhaar Identification cards. The Aadhaar Card is a unique identification number of 12-digit, for all Indian individuals. Is it any age? Aadhaar Card can be created for all those who are in a family; Children too All the details are given in detail in the Aadhaar card, such as name, home address, photo finger, finger print and eye scan etc. All information is taken, so that when Aadhaar Card is created then all those Information will be present.

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Purpose of Teaching English in India

Purpose of Teaching English in India

The teaching of English in India Has Four Distinct Purposes . All These Require Different Approaches And Different Conditions To Be Successful in Schools.

  • Social Purpose – The Main Social Objectives Aims At Making The Students Capable of Easy Adjustments With The Globalised Word. A good Trained Teacher Would Be An Asset To Achieve This Aim.
  • Technical Purpose – All The Modern Fields of Education Are Dependent on The Proficiency of English Language . All The branches of Modern Knowledge Can be Easily Sought Through English . Thus This Objectives Should Receive The Highest Priority in Higher Education . In Order to Achieve This Aim Successfully a Close Close Cooperation And Coordination of Language teaching is required So That The Technical Aspects are easily Understood.The Students Should Be Able To Read The Text in English of The Special Subjects And Are Successful in Assimilation of The Matter.
  •  Administrative Purpose :- This Objectives Was Accepted Long Back As The Primary aim of University Education Before independence . Even Today This Objective is Valid . Students Preparing in Higher Degree of Proficiency i.e. The Administrative group That Includes The Judges, Head of Diplomatic Mission Mangers of bank And Firms, Army officers etc. Find English indispensable.
  • Cultural Purpose :- This Objective Would Enable Our Intellectual Set of People To Establish and Maintain Contacts with international current of Thought . This would Thus Enable Our Youth to Make Their own Contribution to the Universal thoughts Concerning human Progress And Welfare.The Present day Schools And Colleges need To Develop this Cultural Value.