Chasing Impossible read book online free

Cover of book Chasing Impossible

Authors: Katie Mcgarry

Series: Pushing the Limits (#5)

Categories: Fiction » Love & Romance

Hmmmm…this book is very hard to review, because I had such enormous expectations after reading about both Abby and Logan in the previous books. I liked it but it wasn’t fantastic. I felt like it could have been executed better.

I loved seeing all our old characters pop up again and Abby and Logan help each other work through their personal struggles but a big issue was the pacing. The whole plotline with the drugs and everything just felt very very slow. I did really like how Logan’s whole diabetes keeping it a secret was betrayed, it felt very very relatable.

Overall, while I still enjoyed the story and it was cute, it wasn’t the completely satisfying ending I was hoping for. Nonetheless I have loved reading this series so much! I’m so sad to have to say bye to the characters.

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