Stock Trading for Beginners

Stock Trading for Beginners

Cover of book Stock Trading for Beginners
Authors: Mona Roderick
Categories: Nonfiction

Are you looking to invest some money and earn a considerable return? Penny stocks might just be your ticket! Penny stocks are publicly traded stocks that have trading prices of less than $5. They are offered by small, lesser-known companies. The fact remains that penny stocks are generally associated with fraud and high risk. But this risk you are taking on does not come without a commensurate possibility of massive rewards. This book will give you insight into exactly what penny stocks are, and it will outline the potential risks as well as the potential rewards. We will offer advice on how to choose the right penny stock for you in terms of where to look, what to look for, and the best strategy to track the stocks. By helping you understand all the nuts and bolts of the trading process, this book will help to build up confidence, avoid the calculated risks, and turn you into a penny stock pro. Let’s get started!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn… What Penny Stocks Really Are How to Choose the Right Penny Stock Sound Advice for Penny Stock Trading How the Trading Process Works Trading Penny Stocks Like a Pro Much, much more!

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